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Air Block Curtains

AirBlock curtains can be used with framing to create a cleanroom, or also used independently within an existing cleanroom to create areas that are still cleaner.

AirBlock softwalls are constructed from four-foot wide sheets of vinyl in thicknesses from 40 to 80 mil. These sheets are RF welded to form either solid walls or movable curtains.

They are especially suitable for enclosing portable frame systems or improving laminar flow areas above work spaces. Softwalls are also used to further divide existing Cleanrooms, effectively creating cleaner inner zones.

Available in the following materials in a variety of colors and thicknesses:

Standard Cleanroom Grade Vinyl
Reinforced Vinyl Coated Fabric
Polysim 509 Non-outgassing, Static Dissipative Polyurethane
Static Dissipative Vinyl

Laser and Light Blocking Curtains available.