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Air Showers

Clean Room Air Showers serve to protect your cleanroom environment from unwanted contamination. Air showers enhance your cleanroom’s performance by removing surface contamination from clothing and cleanroom garments.

Gowning/changing room areas are the interface between a dirty “street clothes” environment and a clean room environment. The changing or gowning process releases contaminants from street clothes that can settle onto the “clean” garments. Air showers blow off and remove much of this contamination preventing it from entering the clean space.

There are many options for Air Showers available including but not limited to the following:

  • Straight Thru Standard Profile Air Showers
  • 90 Degree Standard Profile Air Showers
  • 3 Door Standard Profile Air Showers
  • ADA Compliant Air Showers
  • Cart/Part Air Showers
  • Special Configuration Air Showers.