Specialty Contractors For Demanding Environments

Cleanroom Benches & Workstations

Vertical Flow Clean Benches

The vertical laminar flow clean bench is specifically designed to create a freestanding ultra-clean mini-environment. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles engineered to provide excellent solutions for many air filtration applications.

A Clean bench can be used in conjunction with cleanrooms to create clean zones. They can also be used in lieu of or supplemental to a Cleanroom. Often used in lower class Cleanrooms to create ‘critical clean’ areas.

Laminar Flow Workstations

Laminar Flow Workstations are general-purpose horizontal flow work stations ideally suited to many types of mechanical or processing work. Laminar Flow Workstations are designed to provide a clean air environment for a variety of classes which are suitable for laboratory work, testing, manufacturing, inspection and/or pharmaceutical operations.

The horizontal laminar flow air washes out particulate and prevents contamination from entering the clean work zone.