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Doors & Windows

We offer a variety of cleanroom doors and windows designed to integrate into wall systems.

Aluminum Profile Cleanroom Doors:

This door style is the most economical solution for less stringent classification areas.

Stainless Steel / Powder Coated Metal Doors:
Pharmaceutical door frames and leafs are clad in stainless sheet metal; for the most damage and chemical resistant performance.

Wide Stile Doors:
Wide style cleanroom doors are traditional storefront doors integrated into the wall systems.

Narrow Stile Doors:
With one custom extrusion, Plascore is able to make up both the door leaf and door jamb. Narrow style doors feature a double seal, internal or external door closers, three way adjustable hinges and a powder coat finish for maximum durability.

Cleanroom Windows:
We have available several cleanroom window options allowing customers to select the precise window to fit their requirements.

Flush Double Glazed Cleanroom Windows:
Pharma window units for doors and studless walls consist of two panes of 1/4” tempered glass, bonded and sealed to an aluminum frame filled with desiccant to reduce moisture.