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Modular Cleanrooms

Softwall Cleanrooms:
Softwall cleanrooms are a cost-effective method of providing quality particulate control enclosure. They are the least expensive, most popular, shortest lead time solution for lighter duty frame construction.

The Softwall cleanrooms utilize proven cleanroom manufacturing and design techniques to provide a lightweight, lowcost, easy-to-assemble cleanroom system. A variety of sizes and shapes are available to ensure a system that is matched to individual needs and are available from Class 100,000 to Class 10.

Vertical Flow Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms:
The Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms are a smooth metal wall and metal walkable ceiling cleanrooms designed to be wiped or washed down. The walls can be made of either painted steel, painted aluminum, or stainless steel.

Plascore Modular Cleanrooms:
The Pharma™ modular cleanroom systems are designed specifically for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications, and features progressive and non-progressive walls and ceilings with anti-microbial surfaces, coves and chemically-welded flush seams. Semiconductor™ cleanroom systems are designed for semi conductor and clean fabrication.

Both systems are available with framed, studless and liner wall options, and are custom manufactured to customer’s print and includes doors, windows, pass-thrus, air curtains and utility chases.