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Pass Thru / Airlocks

Pass thru air locks are for the transfer of parts and equipment in and out of a cleanroom. A pass thru reduces the need for people to enter the cleanroom. Contamination is eliminated because of the reduced traffic within the cleanroom.

Stainless steel pass thru cabinets are constructed using a welded stainless steel shell. They are extremely strong, durable, easily cleaned, and provide a superior look to your clean room setting.

Pass thru air lock doors are designed with a heavy-duty stainless steel door frame, stainless steel continuous flush mount hinge, tempered safety glass viewing window, closed-cell PVC door gasket, and a 90-degree turn-knob latch or chrome plated draw latch.

This design produces a strong door, prevents long-term warping, and eliminates cracking (Cracking of all-plastic doors is a common problem.) Several designs of both floor mount and wall mount pass thru cabinets are available.