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Suspended Ceiling Systems

SBB 2” Light Duty:
The 2” Light Duty Ceiling Systems are designed for applications including semiconductor, microelectronics, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and hospital industries. The gasketed grid is designed with a 2” face tee to support HEPA filter systems and light fixtures.

SBB 2” Heavy Duty:
Our 2” Heavy Duty Grid system is designed as a flush ceiling system which provides end users and owners with the ability to utilize the area above the cleanroom for mechanical services or walk-on capabilities for maintenance access when applicable.

SBB 2045 Grid System:
• Full Service deck comes with Grid
• Flip Up light Fixtures for Lamp Replacement
• Long Span for unencumbered access
• Sprinkler Heads in Grid
• Independent laboratory tested & certified structural

SBB Aseptic Grid System:
Our Aseptic Ceiling Systems are the perfect solution for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and hospital industries. Available are stainless steel knife edge grid used with Gel filter elements and teardrop lighting or can be a stainless steel gel grid used with knife edge HEPA elements and flush lights. The aseptic grid system features process side blank panels that are flush with the grid face, and suitable for silicone caulking or other sealing as required.