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Walkable Ceiling Systems

The Pharma ceiling system is a platform of adjoining 5’ x 10’ panels, suspended by turnbuckle/hanger assemblies bolted to the corners of four adjoining panels.

Cutouts for light fixtures and filters can be placed anywhere. The cleanroom ceiling is capable of supporting a wide variety of mechanical systems, accommodating lighting, sprinklers, HEPA filters, utilities and small equipment. Interior wall panels are attached to the bottom surface of the ceiling panels.

  • No T-grid to support ceiling panels required
  • Large hanger spacing provides generous space for ducting and maintenance access
  • Ceiling expansion in any direction is readily accommodated
  • Fully walkable by maintenance personnel, entire top surface is free of trip hazards

Cleanroom ceiling panels consist of rolled-edge top and bottom steel or aluminum skins bonded to an aluminum honeycomb core for a total thickness of 2” with an aluminum perimeter frame for additional support.

Progressive ceiling panel edges are tightly engaged to adjoining panels with a fixed metal spline, while nonprogressive ceiling panels utilize a rotary spline, which can be disengaged, allowing panel removal at a later time.

Openings for equipment (lights, filters, etc.) can be located anywhere within the ceiling layout. Cutouts can be cut in the factory, or field cut by the installer.