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Distribution Center Server Room Project

Distribution Center Server Room ProjectThis server room project includes a 20 kVA Liebert UPS system, overhead cable tray and redundant power distribution to each rack. HVAC design incorporates two Liebert CRV in-row cooling units for redundant cooling. A dedicated detection and fire alarm panel with preaction sprinkler system protects the server room. And, the entire facility is backed up by generator power.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Not every business requires a 5 megawatt server room. Regardless of its size, your server room is critical to your company’s operations. Small server rooms still require architectural layout, power calculations, UPS backup and distribution planning, HVAC, fire detection and protection, monitoring and reporting, as well as ongoing maintenance and service considerations. Longden Company has a long history of the design and construction of all sizes of server rooms, including those that are smaller, but no less important. Learn more about server rooms.

Server Room Design and Construction

Longden Company understands the importance of uptime assurance and asset protection for your server room and critical equipment. We perform complete site assessments and evaluate your power, cooling and support systems. Regardless of size or scope, we work closely with your IT and Facility teams, to provide you options and pricing that meet your special requirements, budget and time frame.

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