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Site Monitoring

Monitoring of the individual equipment components and the overall server room environment has become a crucial part of server room and facility management. The initial goal of site monitoring is to confirm that the equipment is receiving the proper environment including cooling and humidity levels. Proper notification of the correct parties in the case of a compromised environment should be confirmed and updated regularly.

The second focus of server room monitoring is to insure that the electrical back up components still provide the level of protection desired for your critical load. Electrical monitoring can be brought from stand-by generator capacity all the way down to individual circuit/ server monitoring to achieve and document a full view of distribution to confirm redundancy, proper phase balancing and overload protection.

Longden Company is knowledgeable and experienced in the variety of Server Room monitoring packages offered by the equipment suppliers, all room packages, or custom products. In most cases, implementation of the whole room monitoring packages require a combination of fixture installation, network cabling and programming in order to commission the room correctly. Longden Company will work with your team to choose the best package for your critical equipment.