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Concore Panels With Posilock Understructure

Concore Panels With Posilock Understructure

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Concore or All-Steel Panels With Bolted Stringer Understructure

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ConCore Panels With Posilock & Bolted Stringer Understructure



Aluminum Or All Steel Panels With With Bolted Stringer Understructure

For over 45 years Longden Company has provided an unsurpassed level of quality and service to customers throughout New England and around the country. Longden Company is recognized as the largest Tate dealer in New England.

We have a long, successful history of effectively addressing those demands while exceeding our customer’s expectations. Through extensive product knowledge, seasoned installation experience, and fast, accurate, reliable, and competitive bidding we work to exceed customer expectations.

Longden Company provides a multitude of services such as raised access floor re-leveling, repairing, reinstallations, cable tray additions and modifications, server room equipment upgrades, and cleanroom reconfigurations.

Longden Company, Inc. can also special order products in small or large quantities. We also can arrange direct shipment from one of Tate’s factories.


InstallationApplicationsUnderfloor SystemsSustainabilty

There are mainly three types of raised floor installation projects, general office, data center, and cleanrooms. However raised flooring is also installed in hospitals, colleges and call centers. Designers and engineers are continually finding new uses for raised flooring.

Our vast experience in using Tate’s Building Technology can offer any project the flexibility that is in demand by today’s tenants and their employees. We offer several product lines to make your selections easy we also are open to any suggestions or designs.

We have the most highly trained installation crews available to meet any demands of your next installation project. Expert carpenters will complete your project efficiently and the finished product will exceed your expectations.


Longden Company, Inc. has a 13,000 square foot warehouse stocked with a complete inventory of both new and used raised access flooring, supplies and accessories. Our in house delivery truck and experienced driver can get our products to your construction site or tenant fit out project.

The perfect working environment in any facility should address a variety of needs. These needs include maintaining high-quality clean air, improving personal comfort control, attenuating noise, responding to organizational and technological changes quickly and easily, and supporting the overall aesthetic value of the building – all while being cost-effective during building and operation.

Whether you are looking for cable and air management in your state of the art data center or are looking to provide high-quality clean air, improved personal comfort control, and attenuating noise in your library or casino space, there are a multitude of applications where raised access flooring will meet your needs as well as your budget.

Please check out or project samples page for a variety of completed projects of all types including libraries, casinos, offices, data centers, cleanrooms and many more.

Raised access floor systems are designed to enable the use of underfloor air distribution systems and under floor wiring systems that improve the flexibility, energy efficiency, and comfort of commercial buildings.

These systems:

  • Deliver air from the floor at low pressure to utilize
    natural convection and maximize energy efficiency.
  • Deliver air closer to the occupants so that warmer
    temperatures can be used expanding economizer
  • Power, voice, data, and heating and cooling services
    can all be reconfigured reusing the existing materials.

Check out our sections on underfloor systems for more information.

Meeting the market demands for green building construction with today’s tight budgets makes comparing the benefits of green solutions more important than ever. No building strategy incorporates more green building benefits than Tate’s underfloor service distribution.

This single strategy can increase day lighting, improve indoor air quality and promote the efficient use of energy and materials, making Tate the best solution on the market for achieving high- performance and sustainable, LEED™ certified buildings.

High recycled content and sustainable and recyclable surface finishes allow for both creative design options as well as responsible environmental planning. Using an access floor in an office environment allows for greater flexibility.

Raised access flooring adapts to high office churn rates by being modular and interchangeable. Using under floor air distribution in conjunction with an access floor allows for individual work space temperature control.

Under floor modular power and voice data cabling gives the office space flexibility to adapt to both changes in technology and workspace layout.

TATE ACCESS FLOORSDesignPerformanceUsabilityPlenum Integrity

Tate Access Floors

All of Tate’s products are engineered and manufactured to exact tolerances in manufacturing facilities located in United States. The facilities are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 quality and environmental management certified.

All Tate products go through rigorous independently certified testing in compliance with CISCA testing procedures. In addition, Tate performs all tests to international norms which require whole system tests using understructure rather than panel only tests.

Panel Construction:

Flat steel top sheet welded 156 times to a waffle shape bottom sheet then filled internally with lightweight cement.

Recycled Content:

46.8% recycled content, Over 14.2% post-consumer. The highest post consumer recycled content in the industry to help achieve your LEED™ certification goals.

Positive Engagement:

Tate’s PosiLock® pedestal head positions and retains panels in place without screws for faster installation.

Zinc Whiskers:

Tate uses no electro-zinc components to eliminate the risk of zinc whiskers.


All components are noncombustible – no wrapping or plastic parts are used.

Finish Options:

Almost unlimited factory laminated finish options are available including, terrazzo, wood, cork, rubber, and linoleum. Tate also offers Positile® carpet & Integral Trim® edge for hpl.


Quiet & solid underfoot with a flex of only .025” under a 200lb load. Tate access floors have a room to room sound transmission of 53 NNIC.

Design Load:

All Tate Steel welded panels provide a minimum safety factor of 2. Design loads are equal to or above concentrated load ratings.

Overload Protection:

System yields gradually for built in safety – eliminates the risk of instantaneous catastrophic failures in the office environment.

Panel Strength Options:

5 interchangeable panel strengths, meet all the requirements of a modern office building without adjustments.

Cutout Strength:

System maintains design load strength when cut.

Lifting & Handling:

Easy to carry with one hand and can be removed with a suction cup lifter. Panels are 25% lighter than similarly performing panels made of other materials.

Shock Resistance:

No damage occurs when dropped from waist height.

Cracking & Reuse:

Steel panels are free from unsightly cracks which improve the products life-cycle and reuse.

Ease of Cutting:

Steel panel filled with cement cut easily in the field without special blades or equipment.

Attaching Walls:

Screws and shot-pin can be driven directly into the panel without sacrificing it’s integrity or accessing the underfloor plenum.

Air Leakage:

Die cut edges reduce panel gaps (.015” +/- .005). Reduces air leakage and make it predictable for commissioning purposes, a requirement when identifying the tightness of an underfloor plenum. (See plenum integrity guides for more information).

Clean Air Plenum:

Painted steel panels with tight seams minimize dust and debris entering the air delivery plenum through panel gaps.

Plenum Divider:

Attaches to pedestals maintaining underfloor access. Adjustable to meet any width requirement.

Access Flooring