Services & Capabilities

Along with furnishing a complete turnkey modular cleanroom, Longden Company can provide installation-only services, for clients managing their project in-house. Our highly experienced technicians ensure a successful installation—on time and within budget.

We also provide cleanroom modification services. Reconfiguration of cleanroom walls, ceilings and doors is often necessary when relocating or installing new equipment. Our experienced cleanroom crews can often perform these modifications without compromising cleanroom cleanliness. This allows our customers to continue to use their cleanroom during modification.

In addition to traditional “stick-built” cleanrooms, Longden can furnish and install prefabricated modular type cleanrooms. Prefabricated design combines functionality with flexibility to create systems that will meet your cleanroom needs of today and well into the future. We have completed cleanroom installations with many of the major US manufacturers of modular cleanrooms throughout New England.