Server Rooms / Data Centers


Longden’s server room optimization services offer the best in airflow analysis. With over 35 years of experience, Longden designs and builds the most innovative solutions to solve the challenges our data center customers face.

Longden understands the many optimization issues which data centers experience; from hotspots to wasted capacity. Our dedicated team of server room optimization engineers, along with our strategic partnerships, allow us to offer one of the most comprehensive airflow analysis audits on the market.

Why server room optimization?

Today’s data center environment is dynamic and constantly evolving. Technology, infrastructure and computing systems continually have to adapt to keep pace with our modern way of life. With rising energy costs and increasing load requirements, data centers are stretched to their limits. Our server room airflow analysis offers cost-effective energy efficient solutions, allowing for lower operating costs as well as impressive returns on investment.

Key Benefits

  • Optimize use of existing data center assets
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Manage diversity and variability
  • Measurable improvements in operational and capital costs
  • Establishes best practices
  • Extend capacity and prolong data center life
  • Plan for future technological change

Is your data center ready for optimization?

  • Is your data center built with raised floors?
  • Is your facility over 5000 sq ft?
  • Does your facility handle over 200kW IT load?
  • Are you experiencing problems with airflow management?
  • Are you engaged in saving energy or lowering PUE?