Server Rooms/Data Centers

Server Rooms/Data Centers

Server Rooms / Data Centers

Proper server room design is the foundation of the 24/7 operation that all high-level server room environments achieve. We design and build complete server room facilities, including construction, electrical, structured cabling, mechanical, fire detection, fire suppression and monitoring services.

Longden Company takes the time and resources necessary to ensure that the server room we design and build for your facility meets the power assurance and level of redundancy you require while meeting the targeted energy efficiency goals of the industry.

For over 25 years, Longden Company has been an expert in the design and construction of server rooms. The size and the scope of the projects range from 200 sq. ft. rooms to 20,000 sq. ft. rooms.


Server Room Design & Build

Design & Build

Server room design and build efforts start with discussions with your IT and facility professionals to assist you in defining your facility’s overall power requirements today and for the next several years.

Server Room Optimization


Our server room optimization services offer the best in airflow analysis. With over 35 years of experience, we design and builds the most innovative solutions to solve the challenges our data center customers face.

Server Room Critical Space Assessment

Critical Space Assessment

We provide full, complimentary assessments of your proposed server room space or a detailed review of your longtime existing facility. We’ll help you understand your server room’s immediate and future needs.

Server Room Electrical Efficiency

Electrical Efficiency

Electricity is one of the major components of cost in operating a server room. Anything that can be done to increase server room efficiency will reduce the cost, and we can help!

Server Room Backup Power

Backup Power

We work closely with your facility and IT groups to design the best solution to pick up and protect your critical load at the electrical distribution point, at a rack level UPS or anywhere in between.

Server Room HVAC Optimization

HVAC Optimization

As server rooms are populated and reconfigured, HVAC requirements can change, leading to inefficiencies and increased costs. We can assist in evaluating and planning the best configuration approach moving forward.

Server Room Fire Detection & Suppression

Fire Detection & Suppression

Server rooms require specific fire detection and/or protection systems, as required by NEC codes and local jurisdiction requirements. We have decades of experience in designing all aspects of server room fire detection and suppression.

Server Room Containment


Containment solutions are a cost-effective method of improving server room energy efficiency. We can help design and install the best solution for your environment.

Server Room Access Flooring

Access Flooring

Raised access flooring offers a variety of advantages in a server room. As the #1 installer of raised access floors in New England, we will work with you in designing an environment that best meets your current load as well as future growth.