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Containment solutions are a cost-effective method of improving server room energy efficiency. There are multiple methods and options available to decrease energy costs while staying within budget. Installation of these products requires no disruption to server room operations. Whether it be end-of-aisle sliding doors, softwall partitions, hard roof systems, or all of the above, Longden can help design and install the best solution for your environment.

Single Sliding Door

Single Sliding Doors

A single door design choice helps improve the efficiency of your data center. With strong aluminum framing, the no-threshold design prevents obstructions or tripping. The sliding door comes with pre-assembled panels and integrated door slide-locks, which simplifies installation.

Dual Sliding Door

Dual Sliding Doors

Dual sliding doors are the ideal solution for both cold aisle containment and hot aisle containment. Combining cost-effectiveness with ease of installation, the no-threshold design eliminates tripping hazards. Frame components are pre-assembled and connect to the header rail to secure the assembly together. Integrated slide-locks simplify door installation onto the frame.

Single Hinged Door

Single Hinged Doors

A single hinged door is the leading solution for aisle ends of hot and cold aisle containment configurations. The pre-assembled aluminum design with lift off hinges allows for quick and easy installation. With a standard right or left hinge option, the doors can also be custom built to suit your particular data center requirements. Viewing panels can be designed with clear or multiwall polycarbonate. The no-threshold design eliminates any tripping hazards and ensures that there are no obstructions when walking in or out of the aisle.

Dual Hinged Door

Dual Hinged Doors

Dual hinged doors are the ideal solution for both cold aisle containment and hot aisle containment. Combining cost-effectiveness with ease of installation, the no threshold design eliminates tripping hazards. Frame components are pre-assembled and fully floor supported with rack attachments for lateral stability. With three finish options to choose from, these dual hinged doors can complement any data center designs.

Vinyl Strip Door

Vinyl Strip Doors

Strip doors are a cost-effective solution used to close the end of aisles to fully separate hot and cold exhaust airflow. The overlapping vinyl design improves air sealing performance and minimizes leakage.

Roof Systems

Roof Systems

Typically used in conjunction with end-of-aisle containment, hard panel roof systems fully segregate hot and cold air, improving the cooling capacity of any data center. They attach to the top of the rack and lie flat to avoid interference with other overhead obstructions and extrusions. Should a fire occur, the roof panels drop away to allow overhead suppression systems to work within the aisle.

Hard Partition

Hard Partitions

Hard partitions are an exciting alternative to traditional soft partitions. Constructed of aluminum and with several finish options, the partitions can be customized to seal numerous gap sizes and areas. Designed to be used in either hot or cold aisles, hard partitions are custom sized for every job to ensure air leakage is minimized.

Field Flexible Partition

Field Flexible Partitions

Soft partitions can be adjusted easily to optimize their performance in hot and cold aisle applications and provide a flexible and cost-effective method of containment with excellent performance and energy savings. When installing any partitions or containment, care must be taken to follow all applicable NFPA regulations. If the sprinkler system is not in alignment with the soft partitions, magnetic releases can be installed to allow complete sprinkler coverage in the event of a fire.

Blanking Panel

Blanking Panels

Blanking panels are used in any location in the server rack system where air can pass through from the cold aisle into the hot aisle. These provide an inexpensive, easily installed, and flexible method for quickly eliminating significant cold air loss.