Underfloor Systems

Energy Efficiency

Underfloor air distribution improves energy efficiency through the virtual elimination of ductwork. The significant reduction of ductwork reduces the amount of pressure required to deliver air to the occupied space. This reduced pressure requirement directly correlates to a smaller horsepower fan in the building’s HVAC mechanical equipment. Typical fan horsepower reductions are around 30%, significantly reducing your building’s indirect carbon emissions.

In addition to the smaller fan horsepower, UFAD systems operate at 8-10° warmer temperatures than overhead systems, expanding the opportunity to use free economizer cooling. This is possible because the cooling air is delivered directly to the occupied zone at floor level to create a stratified room temperature.

While the 6′ occupied zone maintains the desired comfort temperature, the space by the ceiling may be warmer. Unlike overhead systems, which are being mixed with warmer air in the room to achieve the desired room temperature throughout the entire space.