Access Flooring

Installation & Services

A majority of access flooring applications take place in general office settings, server rooms/data centers and cleanrooms. Access flooring is also extensively used in hospitals, educational settings, call centers, and many more. Designers and engineers are continually finding new uses for raised flooring.

No matter the requirements, Longden has an experienced, highly capable, and professional team to make sure the installation is perfect. Expert carpenters will complete your project efficiently and the finished product will exceed your expectations.

Additionally, we have a 13,000 square foot warehouse stocked with a complete inventory of both new and used raised access flooring, supplies and accessories.


New Construction

Longden Company has been furnishing and installing raised access flooring throughout New England for over 45 years, and can assist you with the design and installation of your project.

Case Studies - Access Flooring

Existing Floors

Existing raised access floors, whether originally by Tate or by another company, will be expertly inspected and identified by Longden’s project managers in order to provide the most seamless addition or re-work.