Server Rooms / Data Centers

Fire Detection & Suppression

Smoke Detection

Server rooms and the related support rooms (electrical, UPS, telecom rooms, etc.) require specific fire detection and/or protection systems, as required by NEC codes and local jurisdiction requirements. The detection system can be standalone or installed in conjunction with a fire suppression system. A server room with a raised floor and now above ceiling plenum design requires special attention and communication with the local fire department.

Longden Company has decades of experience in designing all aspects of the smoke detection system, from the VESDA early alert products to the basic photoelectric detection. As with any component of your critical space, monitoring and notification is an essential component. We will work closely with your facility and IT teams as we design this aspect of your server room facility.

Clean Agent Gas

Fire suppression serves two main functions in your server room. The first is to save the building structure from fire events. The second is to protect your critical space and the investment your organization has put into it. A gas suppression system does both these activities without risk to your server equipment.

Your gas suppression system is controlled by a dedicated detection system that will release gas into your space upon a confirmed fired event. It will suppress or extinguish the fire by introducing a combination of natural, inert gases that deny the fire activity the oxygen needed to keep it going. The gases are safe for humans and cause no damage to your equipment. Used in coordination with a wet or dry sprinkler system, the gas suppression provides the highest level of confidence that the room is protected from fire, electrical impact and water damage.

Longden Company has extensive experience in designing and installing these systems in a variety of combinations.

Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems

A pre-action sprinkler system is primarily for the protection of the building’s structure. This is also called a dry sprinkler system in that the suppression system is water, but the water is held back out of the room until a smoke/fire event is detected. If a sprinkler system must be maintained in the room, this is the preferred system, as there will be no accidental water spills from knocked heads, etc. The operation of the pre-action System is controlled by a dedicated detection system within your room.

Longden Company will work with you and your facilities group in the full design of a pre-action sprinkler system and detection system.

Emergency Power Off

Emergency power off systems are mandated by electrical code specifications and local jurisdictions. These systems ensure that all the power in a room is off upon activation of a fire suppression system in the space, allowing the local fire department to enter the space safely.

There are a variety of systems that should be custom fit to your facility based on the size of your room(s) and the amount of equipment and electrical distribution. Longden will meet with your IT and facility teams and design the best solution for your space.