Server Rooms / Data Centers

Backup Power

If your critical space is currently backed up by a generator and/or UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), you already know the feeling of assurance and confidence of standby power supplies. Don’t have a generator or UPS? You may be surprised that the process of protecting your critical systems on backup power doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. Certainly, less than the cost of downtime suffered from outages.

Longden Company works closely with your facility and IT groups to design the best solution to pick up and protect your critical load at the electrical distribution point, at a rack level UPS or anywhere in between. As a turn-key, design-build organization, we create all the construction drawings, obtain required permits, and perform all work to locate the generator or UPS at your facility and ensure proper commissioning, training and certifications are done.

Additionally, we work with all major brands of UPS providers to design the best system for keeping your operations up and running while reducing costs.

Longden Company is dedicated to assisting you during the design phase, the permitting process, the construction of concrete pads, trenching into building for electrical feeds, etc., and right through the acquisition of fuel, start-up services and thorough training.

Rental generators can be used in at-risk times and as a backup during other upgrade activities. Longden Company will set your facility up to receive a rental generator during these times.

We are licensed builders experienced with DEP environmental filing as well as the local jurisdiction permitting, including generator installation, fuel storage and electrical distribution for all size applications.

Contact us to explore how you can put the risk of exposing your critical equipment to power outages behind you. Allow us to present various options and pricing with no obligation to you!