Underfloor Systems


Organizations can create great spaces that can inspire people and lessen negative environmental consequences. Well-designed spaces lead to strengthened employee, organizational and facility performance. Installing access flooring in conjunction with underfloor air distribution, as well as modular power, voice and data systems in an office area will greatly increase the flexibility and the configurability of the space.

By utilizing the underfloor plenum space for HVAC distribution, the amount of ductwork required can be reduced. Easily delete, move or add the air and power distribution elements as required when changing office cubical configurations.

When an office space is flexible, an organization can lower the cost per square foot, capitalize on new technologies and simplify moves, adds and changes to the space.

Many facility managers and designers are looking at ways to incorporate more sustainable products, such as access flooring that can reduce waste when changing an office space configuration due to the fact that a lot of the components can be re-used.