Access Flooring

Floor Panels

Longden offers a wide variety of access flooring panels and can help in the design stage to select the best option for the intended use. Whether you need a basic panel for office use or a polished stone panel for architecturally robust public spaces, or an airflow panel to optimize your data center efficiency, we have them all. Our warehouse is stocked for quick turnaround, and we also carry used panels if a value solution is required.

ConCore® Access Floor Panels


ConCore® access floor panels are epoxy coated unitized shells consisting of a flat steel top sheet welded to a formed steel bottom sheet filled with a highly controlled mixture of lightweight cement.

Stoneworks® Access Floor Panels


The Stoneworks® line of access floor panels combines aesthetic and thoughtfully engineered structural components into one complete integrated product. With an array of finish and color options, compromising design for flexibility will never be an architectural obstacle again. The new Stoneworks® line includes classic and decorative concrete. The strength and utility of an integrated panel means these new offerings can be used to enhance the design aesthetic of a wide variety of applications. Finish options include porcelain, plank wood, freelay wood, LVT, vinyl, rubber linoleum and carpet.

All Steel® Access Floor Panels

All Steel®

All Steel® access floor panels are epoxy coated unitized shells consisting of a flat steel top sheet welded to a formed steel bottom sheet.

Perforated Access Floor Panels

Perforated Panels

Steel perforated panels are available with high pressure laminate. Perforated panels have 25% open area and are available with top surface adjustable dampers.

GrateAire® Access Floor Panels

GrateAire™ Panels

GrateAire® die-cast aluminum panels have 56% unobstructed open area. Rolling load capacity equal is to that of ConCore® 1250 panels. Available with top surface adjustable dampers.

DirectAire™ Access Floor Panels

DirectAire™ Panels

Directional air flow achieves a 93% total air capture and cools up to 28.5kW per rack. DirectAire features over 68% open area and delivers 2,600 CFM @ .1″ h20. All steel construction provides a 2,000 lb design load and 1,500 lb, 10-pass rolling load. Powder coated available in black or white.

Aluminum Cleanroom Panels

Aluminum Cleanroom Panels

Cast aluminum raised floor panels are the ideal solution for cleanroom environments. This access floor system consists of complete die cast aluminum components that are typically used in hi-tech environments such as biomedical, microelectronic, pharmaceutical and laboratory facilities.

Cavity Panels

Cavity Panels

Cavity floor is a new form of raised floor system designed for specific applications that require limited or no access to the underfloor area. Hatch panels can be planned in the floor layout to allow underfloor access as needed. Cavity floors provide a service distribution pathway so that service can be accessed without degrading the integrity of the building. Tate offers cavity floor panels as finish ready. The finish ready tongue and groove cavity floor offers the ultimate substrate for field applied finishes. This perfectly level solution can reduce screed costs, speed construction, and enable for execution of complex transitions. The underfloor pathway provides easier access via hatch panels to service without core-drilling or trenching.

Finish Options

High Pressure Laminate Access Floor Finish

High Pressure Laminate

High pressure laminate (HPL) is the most common finish option in data center environments. HPL for access flooring is classified as either anti-static (controls the creation and build up of static electricity by people walking) or conductive (quickly drains static electricity through the floor covering to the understructure). Standard (anti-static) HPL is available in either 1/16″ or 1/8″ thicknesses, while conductive HPL is only available in 1/16″ thickness. Nevamar and Formica are the leading suppliers of HPL to the access flooring community.

PosiTile Carpet Access Floor Finish

PosiTile Carpet

PosiTile is an engineered modular carpet tile manufactured under a Shaw Contract – Tate alliance. It is specifically designed to cover a Tate access floor panel in a perfect one-to-one match. Four ultrasonically welded buttons on the underside of the carpet tile provide precise indexed alignment with four matching indentations in the access floor panel. No adhesive is required.

Vinyl Composition Tile Access Floor Finish

Vinyl Composition Tile

Vinyl composition tile (VCT) is a resilient floor finish most often used in high-traffic areas including corridors, lobbies, etc. It is applied in the factory, where four 12″ squares are adhered to one access floor panel. Tate sources their VCT from Armstrong, Azrock, Mannington and Tarkett.

Static Control Tile Access Floor Finish

Static Control Tiles

Static control vinyl tiles are most commonly used in cleanrooms, electronics labs, and chip manufacturing areas, for their ability to dissipate static from the surface of the floor. They are available in both conductive and static-dissipative resistance properties. Conductive elements precisely distributed throughout the tile provide through-tile conductivity, carrying the static discharge to ground. VPI and Forbo are recognized manufacturers.

Access Flooring Finish Options

Other Finish Options

Beyond the above finishes, Tate is continually expanding their offerings of factory-adhered finishes to include epoxy powder coatings, porcelain, terrazzo, bamboo, engineered wood, wood veneers, cork, luxury vinyls and rubber. Additionally, Longden has been involved in some unique field-applied finish projects, including mosaic tile. Please contact us to discuss floor finish options in more detail.