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Installation & Services

With over 45 years of experience, Longden Company, Inc. is one of the largest Tate dealers in the country, and the largest access floor dealer in New England. Longden Company provides expert installation solutions for Access Flooring, Server Rooms, and Cleanrooms, no matter the size.


We understand the specific needs and challenges that these spaces pose, and we have a long, successful history of effectively addressing those demands while exceeding our customer’s expectations. Our local warehouse allows us to stock new and used material to meet your needs at a moment’s notice.

What We Can DoAvailabilitySupport

Whether your project is New Construction or an existing floor, we provide first-rate service and will work with you to complete your project on schedule and for the lowest possible cost.

Our crews have expert understanding of Raised Access Floors, Cleanrooms, and Server Room Equipment installation in all types of public and private spaces. We work efficiently and effectively to minimize disruption to operational spaces, occupied areas, and secure facilities.

New Installation

Longden Company has been furnishing and installing raised access flooring throughout New England for over 45 years, and can assist you with the design and installation of your project.

Our extensive experience in working with all types of raised flooring systems (steel, woodcore, aluminum) enables us to offer unparalleled, quality installation services. Products include gravity lay-in and screw down systems, in a range of finish options, installed in data centers/ server room, cleanrooms, equipment rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, labs and offices.

Our company philosophy of providing unsurpassed quality installation service and support to our clients has enabled us to develop strong relationships and repeat business over the years. We have an outstanding track record of installing raised access flooring in both large and small projects, on time or ahead of schedule.

Our own factory trained and certified installation personnel know what is required to provide a quality raised floor installation project, to meet today’s stringent construction schedules and demands.

Existing Floors

Existing Raised Access Floors, whether originally by Tate or by others will be expertly inspected and identified by our project managers in order to provide the most seamless addition or re-work. We often find floors with these common problems:

  • Delaminated finishes
  • Damaged trim edges
  • Deformation due to overloading

We can provide technicians to re-level existing floors, provide new or used panels to replace delaminated or damaged panels. We can install new ramps and steps, handrails, security cages, or any other associated equipment.

Our experienced installers provide equipment and cable cut-outs on site for custom equipment installations. Whether you have new equipment or are moving existing equipment, we can provide cutting, in-filling, trimming of cut panels, and stand installation.


With experienced, factory trained Union installers, many who have been working with us for over 20 years, Longden Company has successfully completed millions of square feet of critical spaces throughout New England.


Longden Company has a state of the art on site warehouse fully stocked with new and used material. We can provide most common types of material delivered with our 35’ truck to meet any scheduling needs.

Project Managers

At Longden Company, our project managers provide expert knowledge that is unbeatable in the industry.
Many of our project managers have over 25 years of experience.

With diverse backgrounds in the fields of construction, engineering, and architecture, we can guide you through any type of project with ease and efficiency. We also have LEED Accredited professionals ready to assist you with all of your green design requirements.

Systems Availability

As a dealer of Tate Access Floors, we provide all of the components for a successful raised access flooring project.

Whether you are looking for steel, concore, aluminum, or woodcore floor options, perforated panels and grating for increased air flow, server room equipment, cleanroom components, or anything in between, we can offer you the best solution.

Our relationships with companies such as Tate, America Cable Systems, Simplex Isolation Systems, APC, Liebert, Koldlok, Shaw, and many other suppliers, allows us to be a single source for your complete project needs.

Replacement PanelsRe-LevelingPanel CutoutsEquipment Cut-Ins

Are you looking for replacement panels for your existing raised access flooring system? Longden offers a replacement access floor panel program where we can assist you in properly identifying your existing raised access floor and in many cases provide you with both new and pre-owned replacement options, regardless of the age or manufacture of your access floor system.

Access flooring has been in existence since the 1960’s and has incurred many changes over the years, both in terms of manufacturers and models that have come and gone. Our staff includes individuals who have over 25 years experience in the access flooring industry. We have the ability to properly identify, match and provide you with a price for replacement panels and components to fit your existing floor system.

Refurbished / pre-owned access floor panels are a cost effective alternative to new access floor panels. Longden has a 16,000 CF warehouse stocked with both new and used access flooring material, from manufacturers like Tate, Donn, USG, ASM, CTec, Haworth, Liskey, Maxcess, and Floating Floors, to suit your access flooring material needs.

Do you have any issues with the integrity of your existing raised flooring system? Longden Company can correct potentially hazardous conditions that might exist within your data center/ server room environment. We can re-level your floor, to correct rocking panels and eliminate potential trip hazards.

Pedestals can come loose when old adhesive dries out, presenting the possibility of a floor collapse. We can check to make sure the pedestals are properly adhered to the base subfloor and re-glue them where needed. Missing stringers create a lack of lateral stability and integrity of the floor system. We can supply and install replacement parts where needed.

We also replace missing or broken tile edge trim to provide a more air tight floor as well as eliminating a path for dirt and debris to enter the subfloor environment.

Are you adding new equipment on top of your existing raised flooring system, thus requiring cutouts in the floor panels for the passage of new cables or wiring? Longden can assist you in cutting the openings in your existing floor panels, and installing cutout trim along the edge of the cutout opening to protect your wires.

L-molding is typically used in trimming of raised access floor panel cutouts. We can also provide un-trimmed cutouts for floor boxes or floor diffusers, should you be adding either of these components to your existing space. Additionally, we can furnish and install raised floor grommets.

Are you expanding upon your existing cooling or power systems in your data center/ server room, thus adding either new computer room air conditioning units (CRACU) or power distribution units (PDU)? Are these units being installed on stands within your data center/ server room?

Longden has assisted many facilities and IT personnel in installing the new stands into the existing raised access floor system. We can install and level the equipment stand, and cut-in the raised floor tight to the new stand, to ensure proper installation and maintain the safety and integrity of the floor.

Union Labor