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Cooling Systems

Whether you are growing your business out of a closet or have a full size data center with built in redundancy, full consideration of best practice cooling solutions along with vigilant review of cold air distribution to your critical equipment is required. The correct solution not only presents the best cooling to your equipment but offers the energy savings mandated by your bottom line.

Today’s cooling solutions consist of whole room air conditioning with subfloor distribution or overhead ducted distribution, in row cooling solutions and high density solutions at the rack level. Determining the best cooling for your room requires a review of your space, your rack layout, server density and air flow restrictions that may exist.

Longden Company is prepared to perform the survey of your facility and present the best options to do this by addressing the scope and density of your server loads with a system that will handle not only today’s load, but present the ability to grow as your server load grows.

Longden Company will work with your facility and building management groups in determining the best type and location of the heat rejection components as well.