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Power Distribution

PDU has become an acronym that covers the range from a standalone cabinet, with or without a transformer, that distributes UPS power all the way to the rack PDU your server equipment plugs into.

The great amount of power and increased number of whips being called for at blade chassis and other cabinets has created a power distribution challenge as well as space conflicts over head and under the floor.

Likewise, the variety of receptacles needed, sometimes in the same rack, including a mix of 120V and 208V power as well as NEMA and IEC type receptacles called for create power distribution challenges as well. Longden Company is ready to assist you in providing a variety of options for distributing your UPS power to your server load.

We are resellers for a variety of rack PDU’s as well as the row PDU cabinets. Longden has also utilized a variety of Bus Duct distribution systems which provide modular and adaptable power to your racks.