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Rotary UPS Systems

A rotary or ‘flywheel driven’ UPS carries the server equipment for short duration outages of 10 – 50 seconds dependent on the load being supported. This system works in conjunction with a standby generator, which will power up and receives the critical load within this time period. A rotary UPS also supports the server load through voltage dips, etc…

A rotary UPS may be installed in lieu of a battery back-up UPS system or in conjunction with one.The Rotary system will support the critical load in short durations and until the load transfers to generator. The battery back-up system would then support the load upon failure of the rotary system to engage or the generator to start.

A rotary UPS eliminates the required battery upkeep and replacement over the life of the unit. Deciding the best solution for your facility requires an overview of the maintenance and operation activity to insure upkeep of equipment. Longden Company will work with your teams to present the options and the pros and cons of each one in relation to your business application.